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Receive the same GCE A LEVEL BIOLOGY qualification certificate from AQA Examination Board as from any other conventional school but study for it from HOME. Accepted in almost all UK universities!

At Cambridge Online Education you will learn BIOLOGY from accessing online lessons recorded by a PhD qualified and experienced teacher. The AQA textbook and AQA Learner Guide which accompanies this course is also included.

Included in this course:


Optional face to face online tuition is also available for £15 per 30 min. tutorial as required.


More information:

The Teacher

Dr. Beyer Cambridge Online Education A Level Biology Courses

My name is Hanna Beyer. I am Head of Sciences at Cambridge Online Education. I am a qualified secondary school teacher (PGCE) with a PhD in Chemical Biology. I have worked in academia and in pharmaceutical research as a (bio)chemist and as a medical scientist before training as a teacher. I have many years of teaching experience in Science (Chemistry, Biology and Physics), maths and English as a foreign language.

I have written some educational materials for various companies such as science revision questions, maths assessment papers and physics summaries. I am a member of the Tutors` Association.


The course will follow the current AQA specification.

The course will be based on the textbooks recommended for the AQA A Levels (included).

Topics Covered:

Candidates for AQA AS/A Level Biology study the following topics:


1 Cell structure

2 Biological molecules

3 Enzymes

4 Cell membranes and transport

5 The mitotic cell cycle

6 Nucleic acids and protein synthesis

7 Transport in plants

8 Transport in mammals

9 Gas exchange and smoking

10 Infectious disease

11 Immunity

Candidates for Cambridge International A Level Biology study the AS topics and the following topics:

12 Energy and respiration

13 Photosynthesis

14 Homeostasis

15 Control and co-ordination

16 Inherited change

17 Selection and evolution

18 Biodiversity, classification and conservation

19 Genetic technology

General points

Assessment, apart from the final A Level exams, will be carried out continuously throughout by your tutor on request.

Science is usually taught as a hands-on practical subject.

Students will be encouraged to think scientifically in an everyday context, making them aware of the science around them and how it can help in solving practical problems. 

The number of practical experiments will be relatively restricted owing to the nature of the course (online versus conventional), but we will try to include as many practical demonstrations as possible in recorded lessons using safe household materials. Homestudy students are not advised to perform practical experiments unsupervised. Students under 18 years old MUST be supervised by a responsible adult. While practical experimentation will undoubtedly enhance a student's experience, knowledge and understanding of the subject it is not necessary to the final A Level grade to perform practical experiments at home. That said, students are required to perform practical assessments at the examination centre and so practice with practical work will potentially improve the student's final grade.

A list of examination centres available to you is available from your teacher. Students should book their examinations as early as possible to ensure they have a place. Students should discuss with their chosen examination centre exactly what will be required, particularly with regard to practical paper 3 as examination centres have a choice in how it is administered. Being prepared and knowing exactly what to expect is key to success in examinations so obtain as much detailed information as possible and relay it to your tutor so that they can properly prepare you.

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Recorded lessons produced by Cambridge Home School based in Cambridge UK - probably the best online school in the UK

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