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AS / A Level Music Online Taught Course - Payment Plan


Full Fee: AS  / A Level £1788 GBP per annum £149.99 over 12 months. You agree to pay the full course fee by the end of the term.

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The Edexcel AS/ A Level Music qualification provides a contemporary, accessible, and creative education in music with an integrated approach to the three main elements – performing, composing and appraising.


The Edexcel AS/A Level Music qualification is designed to appeal to, and cater for a wide range of interests, instruments, personalities and directions. The new specification offers a range of opportunities to study diverse and traditional fields, and encourages learners to experiment in their own performing, composing and listening as well as develop an interest in and enthusiasm for all aspects of their musical heritage.


The Edexcel Music syllabus (9MU10) enables pupils to progress on to University Music Degrees and/or develop their skills as a performer or composer.


The Teacher

Hello. I am Head of Music at Cambridge Home School. I am an Oxford University Music graduate with 13 years of tutoring and classroom experience. I have taught Music to countless numbers of students it in all of its various manifestations: Academic Music (up to A Level), Performance (Saxophone, Piano, Jazz, and Improvisation), Music Theory, Musical Analysis, Aural Skills, etc. In addition to my specialisms of Analysis and Composition, I am also a professional saxophonist and have performed in famous venues worldwide with many renowned musicians. This wide-ranging experience serves well for delivering instruction in all aspects of the AS/ A Level music course – performing, composing, and appraising.


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