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Receive the same IGCSE MATHS qualification certificate from Cambridge Exam Board as from any other conventional school but study for it from HOME. Accepted in almost all UK universities!

At Cambridge Online Education you will learn MATHS from accessing online lessons recorded by a qualified and experienced teacher.

Included in this course:


Optional face to face online tuition is also available for £15 per 30 min. tutorial as required.


The Teacher

Mrs. Smith Head of Maths Cambridge Online Education I GCSE Maths Course Online

Hi, I'm Claudine Smith and I am Head of Mathematics at Cambridge Online Education. I have been teaching for 14 years. I hаve а relаxed аnd friendly аpprоаch tо tuitiоn, аimed аt building cоnfidence аs well аs knоwledge. Mоre аble students will find thаt my tuitiоn will chаllenge them аnd encоurаge them tо stretch themselves.

Course overview

The course we will be following is the Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics 0580, for examination in 2017 and 2018.

The Core and Extended syllabus will be covered.

When making exam entries you will need to specify that it is Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics 0580, and choose Core or Extended. 

Core papers have a highest grade of C 

For Core you will sit Paper 1: one hour and Paper 3: two hours

Extended papers have a highest grade of A*

For Extended you will sit Paper 2: one hour and thirty minutes and Paper 4: two hours and thirty minutes

There is no requirement for "Coursework".

Course Content

Concepts covered in IGCSE Mathematics

Chapter 1: Reviewing number concepts

1.1 Different types of numbers 2–3
1.2 Multiples and factors 3–6
1.3 Prime numbers 6–10
1.4 Powers and roots 10–12
1.5 Working with directed numbers 13–14
1.6 Order of operations 14–18
1.7 Rounding numbers 18–19

Chapter 2: Making sense of algebra

2.1 Using letters to represent unknown values 23–25
2.2 Substitution 25–27
2.3 Simplifying expressions 27–31
2.4 Working with brackets 31–33
2.5 Indices 33–41

Chapter 3: Lines, angles and shapes

3.1 Lines and angles 44–53
3.2 Triangles 53–57
3.3 Quadrilaterals 57–59
3.4 Polygons 59–62
3.5 Circles 62–63

3.6 Construction 63–69

Chapter 4: Collecting, organising and displaying data

4.1 Collecting and classifying data 74–76
4.2 Organising data 76–83
4.3 Using charts to display data 83–94

Chapter 5: Fractions

5.1 Equivalent fractions 99–100
5.2 Operations on fractions 100–104
5.3 Percentages 105–110
5.4 Standard form 110–114
5.5 Your calculator and standard form 114–115
5.6 Estimation 115–116
More information is available in the CIE Specification - download here.
Recorded lessons produced by Cambridge Home School based in Cambridge UK - probably the best online school in the UK



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