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Work From Home - Promote Online Education - EARN CASH while you sleep - create a passive income!


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Earn £50 every time a student purchases one of our online GCSE, IGCSE, A Level, or vocational OFQUAL regulated courses. Help transform lives through education through our ethical affiliate programme - Join today

We will give you your own partner affiliate link which you can add to the bottom of your emails, to your facebook, Instagram, Youtube posts and anywhere else you go online. The fact is you're online anyway so why not monetise your activity and help students to find trusted Ofqual regulated courses. In fact once your affiliate partner link is attached to your posts it's sitting there waiting for students to click it. A good percentage of these clicks will result in commissions to you. So all you need to do is sign up for FREE, grab your affiliate partner link and get posting! You will literally be earning money while you sleep as students all over the world click your link and buy courses!

It's a sad fact that there are many scam courses online which are not Ofqual regulated and you will be helping students to avoid these scam courses. All of our courses are Ofqual regulated meaning they are approved by the UK Government. You can verify this for your peace of mind by searching the Ofqual number of our courses on the Ofqual Register of approved courses - click here. (Opens in a new window)

Cambridge Online Education is the UK's most established online education provider - we've been providing support to online learners since 2002! Search us on the UK Government's Register of Learning Providers - click here (opens in a new window)

You're online anyway so why not help students to get their GCSEs, A Levels and Vocational Ofqual regulated qualifications from home? Just add your partner affiliate link to all of your online activity. In no time you will be earning while you sleep and transforming lives through education - a real win win! A passive income that has the genuine potential to transform your life and give you more freedom and time to spend with your family and friends.

It won't happen until you make it happen!

To become your own boss and work as an education partner of Cambridge Online Education get started today! Help yourself, your family and students Click here now!

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