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We are the UK's most-established online education group and a UK Government Registered Education Provider based In Cambridge UK.

Unlike the glut of 'out of an envelope' correspondence/distance learning courses available all over the internet, our courses are taught by PhD, Masters, Examiner level subject specialist teachers with years of experience to ensure superior subject knowledge, student motivation, completion rates and results. Many courses available on the internet offer a textbook and a support telephone line with a non-subject specialist/unqualified tutor. Not much help if you are trying to attain higher grades in your I GCSEs, AS and A Levels or Access to HE Diplomas.

No other online educational provider offers properly taught courses taught by real subject-specialist qualified teachers in real online classrooms of 10 students or less, and video-recordings from actual LIVE online lessons - ours are delivered at our online schools and college based in Cambridge.

Cambridge Online Education operates 3 of the world's longest-established, best quality online education brands:

online school uk gcses and a levels from home

Cambridge Home School Online is the UK's most-established online selective independent school for motivated goal-driven pupils. It offers prep, lower school - full balanced curriculum, upper school IGCSE, BTEC EQV. and sixth form A Levels, Foundation Diploma in most popular subjects including Art, Music, Design, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, History, Geography, French, Spanish, Latin, Psychology, Sociology and more.

Based in Cambridge UK. Teach live online classes of 10 pupils or less - Timetable or Flexi-school

Success coaches, House competitions, Oxbridge and Russel Group support and over 20 extra-curricular clubs included in the school fee.

Trustpilot's most trusted international school and voted excellent 5 stars by parents!

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online art courses gcse and A Level study from home disatance learning

The Online College of Art & Design (OCAD) is the oldest online further education college of art in the UK. We taught our first student back in 2002! We boast the highest IGCSE grade in the world, unlimited face to face tuition by experts, access to top universities and creative employers. Most recognised art & design qualifications offered for study from home; IGCSE, Level 2 BTEC EQV. A Level, Foundation Diplomas in Animation, Fine Art, Illustration, Graphic Design, Fashion, Textiles, Games Design, Architecture, Sculpture, Photography, Film etc. more information ..


adult learning access courses online study from home flexible distance education without A Levels get to university

Access Courses Online

Lots of adults struggle to get into well-paid fulfilling careers because they didn't attain the right qualifications at school. Access Courses Online is our answer to this problem. Adult students can return to education without qualifications and study a 1 year Access to HE Diploma online. These qualifications will enable students to get to university without A Levels. Students can study almost all popular career pathways including nursing, counseling, scientist, lawyer, teaching, lecturer, business, management, accounting and many more. For more information click here.


Cambridge Online Education is one of the world's pioneers in online distance learning - we taught our first students back in 2002 - 3 years before Youtube even existed and before Google was the world's pre-eminent search engine!

Cambridge Online Education exists to widen participation in education and to improve the lives of everybody through access to online qualifications. Unlike most online courses, all of our courses lead to UK Government-backed qualifications to ensure all students can progress to college, university and better lives.

We were founded by Dr. Page - a school teacher; pioneer of online education, academic and lifelong campaigner for equality of opportunity in education. Dr. Page came to offer online education out of a desire to solve the age-old differentiation in the classroom problem - how does one teacher teach students with an infinitely broad range of individual learning needs in the same class at the same time? Answer? You can't - not without technology! Dr. Page solved the problem by providing his students with online tasks and lessons which empowered all learners to learn at their own pace! This was revolutionary at the time and even now decades later most school classrooms remain stuck in the past and do not offer this.

Cambridge Online Education exists to support learners - not for profit! We make a profit (hopefully) which means we can keep up our positive work but profit isn't why we exist.

Cambridge Online Education is a mission lead UK Government registered learning provider who cares about its learners! We teach online for the right reasons!

We believe (obviously) that the best education can only be delivered through an uncompromising commitment to offer the best quality teachers in the best quality learning environment.





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