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Offer your students more GCSE and A Level options

Say goodbye to options evening blues! Now you can offer ALL GCSE, I GCSE, A level, Vocational subjects to all of your students guaranteeing happy students and parents. Happy students mean a happy school and happy parents and we all want this!

How does it work?

Our expert tutors can teach your students the entire course from start to finish online! Your students can either study at school or at home as we teach at times that suit you and your students.

We charge a flat fee of £1495 per student per academic year for groups of 5 or more and £1999 for groups of 4 or less.

Students are taught securely online via Microsoft Teams and Isams where students, their parents and your school can access reports, video recordings of lessons, assignments, grades, homework, parent emails and more.

We can also arrange exams at local exam centres, offer UCAS references and advice, careers advice, learning coach, post certificates and more.

Why not say goodbye to dissapointed pupils once and for all? - contact us