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Start your own online school

The global online school market is expected to grow to £3.5 billlion in 2024 and your competitors are already offering online education! Young people already learn online in conventional schools and make no distinction between their online and offline friends. Many independent schools are closing because of the move to online but they don't need to if they embrace online education - indeed they can flourish by blending online and offline!

Whether you are a traditional bricks and mortar school that wants to dramatically increase your intake of students by offering an online version of your school; or you want to open your very own online only school Cambridge Online Education are the perfect partner.

As a pioneer of online education we taught our first online student way back in 2002, 3 years before Youtube existed! We own and operate our own internationally respected online schools and colleges so we have learned from all the mistakes so you don't have to.

We have your online school already built and we can brand it for you and get you operational and profitable from year 1. We can even teach your pupils and prepare them for their examinations for you and you can claim the results!

For more information speak to our founder Dr. Troy Page - contact us