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SEND Admission Policy

Admissions Arrangements

Councils and schools can place students with Cambridge Online Education provided they meet the following criteria:


  1. They are able to read to a basic level – minimum reading age of 8 years
  2. They are able to communicate their ideas and feelings to a basic level or the level required by the chosen course – or have a person at home/school who can help them to do this
  3. They are motivated to learn and have an interest in the subject
  4. They have a computer with broadband internet connection
  5. They are supported by a person who knows them and can ensure that their progress is monitored, that their assignments are completed by the deadlines, that can communicate on their behalf (act as a voice for the student when required).
  6. They can follow instruction or have a person at home or school who can help them with this


To apply contact 

CALL 01223 637029 for more information