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Local authorities and schools place their children with us and we have worked with most of England's local authoriities over the years. If you are a family with a SEND child we advise you to get an Educational health care plan (EHCP) through either your school or local authority to obtain funding.

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We work with schools, colleges and local authorities (LAs) across the UK to offer SEND students opportunities to study I GCSE/A Level/ vocational Art, Design, Music and a full range of academic subjects ONLINE – students study from their own homes or a centre you may work with.

We understand the dilemma that parents, schools (SEND departments) and LAs face in trying to find the best educational environment for children who, for whatever reason, struggle in mainstream education.

At Cambridge Online Education (COE) we provide opportunities for all students, their parents, schools and LAs to collaborate with us in finding the appropriate educational solution for them. In consultation with our colleagues at various LAs across the country, we often come across the following situations with children who:

  • can't communicate with peers or teachers (ASD, Autism, Aspergers - low/high functioning)

At COE there is no necessity or requirement to communicate with peers. Teachers are fully qualified in teaching children with these challenges.

  • have ME Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and can't attend regularly, high level of unauthorised absences
  • have poor concentration – ADHD
  • suffer from bullying and intimidation issues
  • require a managed move
  • display behavioural issues

A full curriculum is available in a safe, secure online environment; no lesson time is lost as all lessons are recorded and can be reviewed later at any time. The Flip Classroom model is one perfect example that is used.

  • can't leave the house – Agoraphobic
  • is school/college phobic - truancy issues/school refuser

All lessons are recorded and students can catch up from home or attend the online LIVE curriculum. Webinars on modules/units/assignments are regularly used, updated and ready to be accessed by the student.

  • have social anxieties

A secure online environment with no pressure for social interaction. However, optional interaction is available for students who would like to collaborate with their peers but there is never a pressure to socialise.

  • have low self-esteem

The student is able to build a portfolio of skills in parallel with knowledge acquisition, thus steadily becoming a confident, independent learner.

  • have low confidence due to being a long way behind academically; low attainment
  • have very low-level literacy and numeracy

 Recorded and Live one-to-one lessons/tutorials; small group lessons.

  • cannot access subjects at school because they are not offered in their school

GCSE, A-level, Art and Design foundation diplomas - many disciplines including Games design, Graphic design, Fashion design, Photography, Music and Music Technology, Business Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Law, Instrumental/Vocal tuition graded courses/examinations at ABRSM and TCL, and Level 2 & 3 Vocational courses.

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Can you complete the EHCP? 

Yes, absolutely. We have completed many of these for LAs around the country, including Surrey, Cornwall, Redbridge, Cambridge etc. Case studies available on request.


Is COE registered provider on Section 41 list?

No, because we would like to offer and run our courses the way we think works best for our students – Ofsted standards apply to conventional colleges and these are not always applicable to the online educational context – they could limit our educational offer. COE is registered with the UK’s register of learning providers UKLRP Provider 10033485) and is registered as a limited company at Companies House, Company number 06594953. In our experience, most LAs are happy to add us to EHC plans as the nominated education provider. However, occasionally they may add a local college or section 41 centre (perhaps to meet a child’s social needs) and we partner with them to provide our services. 


Do SEND students pass your courses?

Yes, absolutely! However, no educational provider can guarantee a pass, particularly where the student has very individual learning needs. However, many SEND students do succeed. This is because COE students have the best, unlimited, one-to-one, bespoke and personalised tuition, in a secure online environment free from distractions and social pressures. At COE we do not give up on students and will continue to support them on their courses for as long as the LA, parents and student feel it is appropriate. 

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What subjects can SEND students study?

SEND students can study all of our courses! That said, some courses are more appropriate than others for online students with special educational needs. For example, our most popular courses for SEND students are Level 2 and Level 3 Art and Design, Photography and music. This is because the courses are 100% coursework so no examination stress. This also means that all of the student's good work is valued and rewarded by the examination board. This clearly helps students who suffer from exam anxiety and those who suffer from low-confidence and low self-esteem. These courses are also excellent for students who need to take breaks in their education as their coursework can be carried forwards until they return to study in most cases.

Traditional academic IGCSE and A Level subjects are also appropriate for some SEND students who are able to retain information and perform well in examinations. Many high-functioning ASD students do particulalry well. Subjects like mathematics, Physics and Computer Science are popular with this group.


Where do students sit their exams?

Students will need to arrange their examinations at a local school or college or maybe a commercial examination centre. We can help with this!

Examination centres are not required for our art and design, photography, music level 2 and 3 courses as students submit a portfolio of evidence instead of sitting an exam.


What are the fees for COE courses?


Our KS3 full curriculum is £20,000* per annum (choose up to 10 subjects from maths, Art, Music, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, French, Spanish, English language, English Literature. Pupils are typically aged from 10 -14 but any age is fine.
Our IGCSE curriculum is £20,000* per annum (choose up to 10 subjects from maths, Art, Music, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, French, Spanish, English language, English Literature, Psychology, Business Studies, Economics. Pupils are typically aged 14 -16 but any age is fine.
Our AS/A Level curriculum is £20,000* per annum (choose up to 3 subjects from maths, Art, Music, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, French, Spanish, English language, English Literature, Psychology, Business Studies, Economics. Students are typically aged 16 to adult.
Single KS3 subjects are £2000* per annum
Single IGCSE / vocational Level 2 subjects are £4000* per annum
Single AS/A Level / Level 3 vocational subjects £9000* per annum
Vocational Level 2 Art and Design Ofqual. 501/2278/2 - no exam - coursework only - submit portfolio online - £4000* per annum
Vocational Level 2 Photography Certificate Ofqual. 601/3391/0 -- no exam - coursework only - submit portfolio online - £4000* per annum
Vocational Level 3 Photography Diploma Ofqual. 601/0371/0 -- no exam - coursework only - submit portfolio online - £9000* per annum
Vocational Level 3/4 Foundation Diploma Ofqual. 500/8476/8 -- no exam - coursework only - submit portfolio online - £9000* per annum
*All fees ex.vat
All course come with SENDCO and School Councillor support!
We can be added to the EHC plan. We can work in combination/partnership with other organisations.
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We can enrol your students the same day following receipt (or promise of) a signed purchase order. Invoice available on request. 

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Why are the fees different on your websites?

This is because we offer many non-SEND courses to the general public. SEND courses require specialist teachers and bespoke pedagogies tailored to the child’s individual learning needs. We may be required to commit significant additional time completing official paperwork and liaising continuously with professionals and parents.

We offer all of our SEND students an experienced SENDCO who coordinates each students individual provision and compiles regular reports for parents and the LA. We can also offer a qualified school counsellor as part of their course for an additional fee - contact us

You are at liberty to purchase non-SEND courses if you feel SENDCO/specialist individualised support is not necessary.


Can SEND students study practical vocational subjects like Music, Art and Photography?

Yes, absolutely! We offer all of these subjects at Level 2 and 3. What's more these subjects require no examination or examination centre. Students submit a portfolio of evidence to our online learning portal for external assessment by the examination board.


How quickly can a student begin studying with COE?

We can enrol a student immediately upon receipt of a signed purchase order – we can invoice the LA later.

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