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Online Access to Higher Education Diploma (Early Years Education) Ref. 400/1037/5


Want to work in early years education but don't have the necessary qualifications? Then you're in the right place! You will be accepted onto our online access to higher education diplomas without any qualifcations. Students need to be 19 or over, have a computer and internet connection, be able to write and speak in English to an average abilty and be able to follow the tutor's instructios - if this is you then we can get you to unversity in less than a year!

This diploma will allow you to apply for university courses such as BA in Early Childhood Studies or similar. There is always a need for early childchood educators. The range of careers in early education includes (but is not limited to) working as an early years teacher (daycare, preschool, primary school teaching), a special education teacher or intervention specialist. You can also become an early education consultant or content developer. Visit our dedicated Access to HE website at for more  information - click here

Cambridge Online Education wants you to succeed in every aspect and at each stage of your pathway towards your new career. Therefore, our modules combine study and writing skills needed for university, traditional content and skills that will give you an understanding of various aspects of classroom teaching and the role of a teacher, and above that, content and skills that can lead you to alternative careers in early education. For more information on what you will cover, see the ‘Modules’ tab -  click here .

This Online Early Years Education Course at a Glance

  • 100% online learning for adults (19 years and above)
  • Flexible - learn in your own time around work and family
  • Flexible payments - interest-free monthly payments over 1 year 
  • One-to-one tutor support at mutually convenient times
  • Go to university without A Levels
  • Gain crucial knowledge, skills, understanding and confidence
  • Assessed through end-of-unit assignments 
  • Qualification is equivalent to 3 A levels 
  • Complete in 1 year or less

Education Provider: Cambridge Online Education - established 2002

Accredited by: AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group

Regulated by: Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA)

Access to Higher Education Diplomas are regulated by the same regulating agency as university degree courses. This means that universities know and trust the qualification.

Always the lowest fees - guaranteed! We'll refund the difference if found cheaper!

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