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Level 3/4 Foundation Diploma Art & Design - (Ofqual No. 500/8476/8) europe


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Ofqual No. 500/8476/8)

This course offers the number one qualification to access university or creative careers. Students obtain the very same Diploma as from any other UK College. The qualification offers the student up to 112 UCAS points which is equivalent to up to 3 A Levels at B grade - 2 A Levels at A* grade.


Course Overview

  • Entry Requirements: 16 years or over, GCSE / IGCSE Art or photography or good portfolio. Mature students require no exam qualifications, some ability to draw and paint and a desire to succeed are required. Send examples of your work if unsure of level.
  • Part-time programmes: available all year around - enrolling now
  • Full-time programmes: start December to January and September to October. Exceptions may apply.
  • Requirements: broadband connection / basic art materials
  • Progression: to any University / BA Honours Degree
  • Accreditation: SEG/ABC Awards
  • Ofqual Regulated: (Ofqual No. 500/8476/8)
  • UCAS Tarif: Up to 112 UCAS points - equivalent to 2 A* A Levels
  • UCAS application supported: Yes
  • Portfolio support: Yes
  • Tuition: Face to face, one to one - unlimited

Making your dreams come true since 2002

Foundation Diploma in Art & Design

The Online Foundation Diploma in Art & Design is a three-stage, full-time or part-time programme designed for serious career-oriented students who wish to enter the profession of Artist or Designer. This exciting course has a strong practical focus, developing not just knowledge and understanding of art and design and design theory, but also professional skills. Successful graduates earn a Foundation Diploma qualification that is equal to 3 A Levels and is nationally accredited by one of the UK's largest vocational awarding bodies, SEG ABC Awards. Equally valuable, graduates achieve a specialist portfolio that expresses their personal brand of art and design, enabling access to top universities and employment as a professional qualified Artist or Designer.

How It Works

Students receive access to their own online studio where they can work through their course. Units and assignments are listed along with supporting resources, video tutorials for skills development, step by step guides etc. Photographs of students' completed work are uploaded to their college e-portfolio for assessment and constructive, friendly written feedback on how to progress. Additionally, students are invited to discuss with an experienced and qualified personal tutor their progress and receive face to face verbal feedback, encouragement and support. Students may also benefit from relationships with their fellow online students as they can view profiles and comment on each others' artwork if they wish.


Formative as courses progress and summative at the end of units and the course. Your Final Major Project will be assessed externally by the exam board and this will decide your final grade. You will be kept informed every step of the way on how to improve your work.

Structure Of The Course

The course comprises three distinct stages; Exploratory stage, Pathway stage and finally Confirmatory stage. Each stage is 12 to 24 weeks in duration depending on whether you study full-time or part-time. These can be extended if required.

The Exploratory stage is the first stage of the course and as the title suggests it gives you the opportunity to understand at a deeper level what art and design is and to experience working in a number of disciplines. Within each discipline, you will use a range of materials and processes and learn the value of drawing and photography as a starting point.


You are offered 5 projects from which you study 4.


  1. Photography (mandatory)


  1. Fine Art


  1. Graphic Design and Illustration


  1. 3D (Architecture, 3d Design, Sculpture)


  1. Fashion and Textiles


The Pathway stage is where you choose which pathway/discipline you wish to explore further and at a greater depth. Your tutors will review with you your work from the exploratory phase and this will inform your decision. The final decision is of course yours.

The Confirmatory stage is the final stage of the foundation diploma and the only stage that will decide your final grade. You will be asked to write a statement of intent with the support of your tutor. This document will outline your chosen final major project. Your final major project is practical and can be in any form you choose; showreel, a dress, a series of photographs, a painting, an animation, a design for an interior, architectural design, a video game etc.

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