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Art is among the favourite subjects for most school children. Yet so many end up in jobs they hate and soon yearn again to get their hands dirty. Problem is, so many can't just cash in their chips, give up their job, say goodbye to the kids and head off to the local art academy. 

Well, actually these days you don't need to.

I am an art teacher and academic of 30 years and I hear daily tales of woe and regret. It's great to share the great news that they can study from a beginner. refresher and even access to university courses online. 

The online college of art & design (OCAD) is the oldest, best-established art college online. It supported its first student right back in 2002 when the internet was still in short trousers.

You can begin with live interactive art classes in any area of art or design you want or study a beginner course. You can progress to IGCSE, Level 2 BTEC EQV. and then onwards to A Level and Foundation Diplomas. 

The fact is there is nothing holding you back. There are no lectures, no places to be, no previous qualifications required and you can start courses all year around. So what are you waiting for? Your creative adventure awaits!

To learn more - CLICK HERE

A whole new life is just around the corner!

Dr. Page

 Dr. Troy Page is founder and director of the Online College of Art & Design.

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