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Learn to Draw - Introduction

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Drawing is one of the primary forms of expression in the arts, ranging from highly
representational to entirely abstract. While drawings are often an end in themselves they can also be used to problem-solve, explore compositions and improves one’s understanding of a subject through observation. Artists will often sketch or even produce highly accurate drawings to prepare for a final painting or sculpture.

Types of Drawings

This list is by no means definitive or restrictive but it will hopefully help those of you
looking to find a starting point for your art.

Drawing from Life

● Portraits
● Figures
● Landscapes
● Still Life

Abstract Drawing

● Minimalist

● Geometric

● Expressive
● Decorative


● Comic Books
● Children’s Books
● Botanical
● Concept Art
● Anime

Basic Drawing Techniques

Line Drawing

A drawing produced using only lines without the addition of shading.
Lines are placed close together to produce a tone, lines can be linear and parallel
( Parallel Hatching) or they can follow the form that they are depicting (Contour Hatching).
Similar to basic hatching but after making one set of hatched marks a second set is
applied over the top, usually perpendicular or near perpendicular. This is a good way to
get dark tones quickly and easily.
Mass Drawing
Mass drawings use masses of tone or colour applied in blocks. These blocks can be
produced with the point or side of a pencil or piece of charcoal or with marker pens.
Stippled drawings use accumulations of points to produce a tone.
Subtractive drawings are made by laying down an even tone in pencil or charcoal (often
dusted on) then erasing back into it to produce an image.
This is only a selection of basic types of drawing and techniques to get you started.
They are all flexible and can be used in conjunction with one another, don’t be afraid to experiment and if you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will be producing videos and tutorials to elaborate on all these basic techniques over time so you can look forward to more in-depth explanations soon!
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